Maximize speed, space and flexibility in warehouse operations

Automate physically demanding and highly repetitive activities to allow warehouse associates to focus on more advanced, fulfilling work that improves retention.

Use Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to utilize floorspace flexibility and to improve operational productivity. Provide versatile and scalable assistance to warehouse associates through Collaborative Robots (cobots). Cobots are easy to integrate and have low change impact on existing infrastructure.

AMRs create flexibility in existing floorspace

Conveyor-based warehouses are limited in options in optimizing space usage. While forklifts bring a certain level of flexibility to the floorplan, they impose safety risks and consume space. Omron’s LD250 robot is an ideal solution for medium payload transportation. Its small footprint and safety features allow it to easily fit into your floorplan design.

Pallet Moving

Free workers from their forklifts with automated pallet movers.

Pallet moving with the HD-1500 AMR

Many warehouses use forklifts – which are driver-dependent, space-consuming, and often dangerous – to move pallets. The HD-1500 AMR can transport pallets or other heavy payloads through narrow corridors while keeping your team safe and products damage-free.

Key features:

  • Large payload capacity (1,500kg)
  • High positioning accuracy with 360° safety
  • Best-in-class navigation software

Order Picking

3D vision combined with cobots makes automated picking more reliable and creates massive productivity gains.

Order picking with cobot and 3D vision

Built-in 3D vision allows for quick setup and easy deployment for picking applications. Our industry first Mobile Manipulator (MoMa) solution puts 3D vision in motion and maximizes order picking flexibility throughout your facility.

Key features:

  • Built-in, intelligent 3D vision
  • Mobile order picking solution
  • Suitable for eCommerce order fulfillment
  • Maximize ROI through Omron financing services

Tote Transportation

Mobile robots with a small footprint automate the transportation of light payload.

Tote transportation with LD Series AMR

Bring flexibility to your warehouse with a reliable solution that requires minimal facility modifications. The Omron LD series mobile robots are ideal for fast-paced, dynamic environments requiring delivery/retrieval to ‘free up’ associates that are better served in high-valued tasks.

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