HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL, April 20, 2021 – Industry-leading automation solutions provider Omron Automation Americas recently released the H7CC multi-function counter that improves upon the existing Omron H7CX. The new counter provides an updated visual display, simplified programming interface and a built-in end-of-life alert system for preventive maintenance. In addition, it provides both totalizing and tachometer monitoring functionality.

The ability to use the H7CC as a tachometer provides operators with accurate information on machine RPM, and a set of six up/down arrows helps engineers program the device as either a counter or a tachometer depending on application requirements. Based on customer feedback, Omron improved the visual display to make it easier to view accurate information from longer distances, enabling faster intervention when necessary. The UI and programming enhancements help reduce the counter/tachometer setup process by up to 40%.

Built-in preventive maintenance features notify users when the contact relay or electrolytic capacitor is nearing end-of-life. When operators are made aware of impending loss of function, they can replace the device in a planned manner to avoid potential machine downtime and/or loss of unit count (or RPM monitoring when the tachometer functionality is being used). This directly translates into cost savings for the end user.

Industry professionals interested in learning more about the H7CC are encouraged to visit the product page on the Omron website.

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