HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL, April 5, 2021 – Sensors play a key role in the automotive industry. In applications like stamp and weld, for example, the right sensors help protect fast-moving, million-dollar equipment that must align perfectly to form the requisite automotive parts. Investing in sensors that are designed specifically to address challenges in these applications can reduce the amount of unplanned downtime that a manufacturer experiences and dramatically reduce costs in the long run.

Omron Automation Americas, a pioneer in end-to-end automation solutions for all manufacturing and related industries, is offering virtual sensor consultations to help manufacturers understand how sensors can improve their operations. These free consultations connect customers to Omron experts who are well-versed in the capabilities of the company’s wide-ranging sensing portfolio and can help them find the best sensors for their needs without leaving their premises.

Manufacturing companies are facing particularly intense challenges due to social distancing requirements brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic during a time that was already seeing rising labor costs and a shortage of skilled workers. Sensors can give insight into ways to improve part positioning, maximize equipment longevity and allocate resources more effectively to increase the value gleaned from large-scale capital investments like dies and transfer equipment in stamp and weld applications.

Industry professionals who are interested in signing up for a virtual sensor consultation can set up an appointment here.

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