Machine Builders looking to introduce safety door switches with high anti-tamper resistance will find that the D40R meets their specifications.  The D40R series is a non-contact switch based on RFID technology, providing high anti-tamper resistance and offers two coding options, type B (basic code) and U type (unique coded). With the ability to monitor hinged, sliding, or removable guard doors, the D40R series is ideal for a variety of applications across different industries. To simplify maintenance and installation, the D40R series offers led status indicators, different cable lengths and an optional M12 connector. The IP69K stainless steel version is a capable of withstanding high-pressure wash-downs, high temperatures, and detergents for clean and sanitize in place applications.

  • RFID technology provide a high degree of tamper resistance, Magnetic and keyed type door switches can be easy to defeat, unique coding makes it virtually impossible.
  • Clean/Sanitize in Place, IP69K pre-wired versions with a resin body resist most chemicals and make them suitable for high pressure cleaning and CIP/SIP processes in food and beverage applications.
  • North American and European electrical and safety approvals for the highest degree, conforms to safety categories up to PLe acc. EN ISO 13849-1.
  • Install up to 20 switches in series, Reduce the cost of monitoring circuits by putting switches in series.