The D41D is a tamper-proof door switch, that helps to prevent bypassing of safety solutions and keep workers safe thanks to its high-coded RFID technology, which makes it harder to defeat and ideal for hazardous application. Also, it simplifies inventory stocking and installation as well as maintenance activities. The D41D offers three different actuator options with the ability to detect them from different positions adding flexibility to guard design and making it easier to meet installation requirements in tight areas. In addition, the D41D also lowers the cost of ownership by being easy to install with automatic paring for quick installation for one up to 31 switches, if connected in series, and its three-color led indicator simplifies the programming process as well as troubleshooting.


High-Coded Door Switches

Minimize defeat possibilities and prevent bypassing of the safety door switch by using high-coded door switches to develop tamper-proof safety solutions to keep worker safe

Simplify your design

Select the right actuator from three different options, to fit your machine requirements and save space by installing a door switch in narrow spaces or corners inside machinery.


Easy-to-install and maintain

Automatic paring requires a minimum amount of labor-hour to commissioning and maintain a machine and can be easily done for one or several door switches connected in series.

Friendly maintenance with a three-color LED indicator to speed troubleshooting, allows identifying 11 status.