For a wide range of special applications, the task-optimized fiber heads provide best fit sensing performance with adaption to environmental requirements. Special application fiber heads include nut type heads, wafer-mapping heads, limited relefective heads (glass detection), and more.

  • Detection of special objects (liquids, transparent foils, etc.)
  • Fiber heads ideal for color mark detection
  • Fiber heads optimized for special tasks (wafer mapping, hot reflective surface detection, etc.)

Challenging print marks

In combination with the color/mark detection amplifier E3X-DAC-S, the fibers for color/mark detection allow for inspection of even the most challenging marks with complex designs or minimal contrast.

Flat glass in all environments


The limited reflective fiber heads for glass detection provide stable detection of flat glass in standard, hot or even wet environments. The shapes and materials are optimized to provide the best value-performance ratio depending on the requirements.

Very small height differences


For the detection of very small height differences like labels on foils in applications where space is crucial, the small sized limited reflective sensors provide accurate detection up to 100μm resolution.