The E3NX-FA amplifier is the best choice for most challenging fiber applications in terms of long sensing distance, minute object detection or high speed processes. The fiber amplifier's APC and DPC functions combined with Omron's GIGA RAY technology allow this sensor to run longer and more efficiently than other fiber amplifiers. Like other advanced digital fiber amplifier the E3NX-FA is able to communicate over fieldbus via E3NW communications units.

  • Easy teaching by Smart tuning within a few seconds
  • New N-Smart technology provides significant improvement for sensing distance, minimum object detection and speed
  • Easy and transparent information about sensor status by Solution Viewer and Change Finder function
  • EtherCAT Communication unit for high-speed field bus connectivity

N-Smart technology

The GIGA RAY 2S high-efficiency coupling element achieves a clear signal and wide dynamic range. It is joined by the new “Smart Noise Reduction” light reception algorithm and the high-speed, high-precision “N-Core” IC.These three technologies improve the basic performance of E3NX-FA resulting in signal-to-noise ratio that is 2.5 times higher compared to conventional models.


Smart tuning

Simplest calibration of optimum power and threshold level by pushing tune button twice.


Dynamic Power Control

Dynamic Power Control (DPC) automatically compensates differences in the incident level caused by dirt or vibration. In addition an alarm output signal is sent for predictive maintenance, if the sensor has reached compensation limit.


Network connectivity

For full remote control E3NX-FA can be connected to high speed field bus via communication unit E3NW. Please find E3NW order information in "Accessories" and further documentation in "Downloads".