Safety Light Curtains

F3SG-RA Safety Light Curtain

Advanced Safety Light Curtain in Rugged IP67 Housing

The F3SG Series is a global safety light curtain with advanced safety functions.


  • Rugged, IP67 rated housing resists washdown
  • Space-saving slim profile of 35x35 mm (1.37 in.)
  • Scan QR code with smart phone for local language support and troubleshooting guide
  • Built-in muting; requires no external muting controller
  • All models designed for global use. PNP/NPN output selection by DIP switch


  • Fast response time of 8ms
  • Quick mount brackets reduce setup time by 50%
  • Series connection for flexible setup of protective field.
  • Easy-to-view LED bar for less alignment and diagnosis effort.
  • ADVANCE model supports complex safety solutions with muting and blanking functions.



  • Resolution: 14 mm (finger protection) and 30 mm (hand and arm protection) models
  • Cascaded designs possible: 3 segments, up to 255 beams
  • “Smart click” 1/8 turn quick connect M12 cables: for fast installation and proper torque to ensure IP67 connection
  • 14mm resolution up to 10.0 m (32 ft.) range in 160 to 2080 mm (6.3 to 81.9 inch) protective heights
  • 30mm resolution up to 20.0 m (65 ft.) range in 190 to 2510 mm (7.3 to 98.7 inch) protective heights



8 Languages!

To access troubleshooting support for safety light curtain errors in your local language use your tablet or smartphone to scan a QR code sticker that can be applied to the machine. Also accessible by computer, operators can check the error details in 8 languages and download manuals from a dedicated website. Languages include English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German and Italian.

Reduced Wiring Work


Smart Click

1/8 turn quick-connect M12 cables allow fast installation and proper torque to ensure IP67 connection.

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