For machining operations, premature failure of the safety light curtain due to oil intrusion is an ongoing challenge.  The F3SG-RR safety light curtain has a rugged IP67G rated housing that is impervious to machine cutting oil combined with the ability to support advanced muting, blanking floating blanking.  The enhanced protection rating along with all the advanced functionality of the F3SG-RA series makes F3SG-RR the ideal safety solution for machining operations.

  • Rugged housing - IP67G rating (cutting oil resistant)
  • Cascaded designs possible - 3 segments up to 255 beams
  • QR code troubleshooting - Multilingual troubleshooting websites for global operators, improving maintenance efficiencies
  • Unique Construction - The optical surface is completely sealed with a special rubber allowing the metal body extrusion to compress the rubber, resulting in a leak proof seal
  • Smartclick connectivity - Connect just by turning the oil proof M12 connector 1/8 turn, reducing time needed for wiring and ensuring reliable connections