Omron’s new FH-Series Vision System is a compact yet powerful solution for advanced defect detection. With top-of-the-line sensing and processing capabilities, the vision system is designed to maximize production line performance and flexibility by matching and exceeding the sensitivity of human vision.


  • High-speed, high-resolution (20.4 Mpix) compact cameras with a wide field of view
  • Innovative MDMC Light technology that spots subtle defects
  • Unique and powerful image processing algorithms
  • High-capacity storage with industry’s fastest controller technology


Photometric Stereo Light

Accurately Extracts Defects

The new FH Photometric Stereo Light can be used with standard or high-resolution cameras up to 20.4 Mpix. To detect dents and surface damages with high accuracy. A 5, 12 or 20.4 Mpix high-speed camera can be selected.


Photometric Principle

Each quadrant is controlled in sequence, and variations of brightness within each image is analyzed. Printed characters with little variation in brightness under different illumination directions are extracted as texture, while dents with larger variation in brightness are extracted as a shape.

Expand the field of view by combining images at high speeds

Panorama shooting with multiple cameras

Our unique panorama image processing enables images captured by up to four cameras to be combined into a single image. An overall image of a wide or large object can be acquired, which is not possible using a conventional method where images are captured simultaneously and transfered from multiple cameras.


Ultra-high-speed sensing technology in a compact design

High-resolution cameras capture a wide field of view, which can cause image transfer bottlenecks that increase production cycle times. We use a new CMOS image element and dual transfer technology to capture high-resolution images while transfering images at high speeds.

This facilitates applications that previously required multiple cameras or a setup to put a camera in motion.

A wide variety of cameras, from 0.3 to 20.4 Mpix

You can select the best combination of camera and lens for your application.


Large capacity for image processing

As the use of high-resolution cameras, multiple images for high- quality inspections, or wide-field inspections is increasing, vision sensors that can handle increasing data volumes are required. The FH-5050 High-speed, Large-capacity Controller has two times the RAM capacity of the previous models, enabling up to four 20.4 Mpix cameras to be connected. In addition, its CPU processes captured images 4 times faster than our previous models.


High-speed image storage

USB 3.0 ports - High-speed image compression

Image data can be so large that conventional controllers could not store all of the images due to limited storage capacity and time constraints. The new high-speed, large-capacity controller has USB 3.0 ports and improved algorithms to compress image data at high speeds, enabling all of the images to be stored to meet increasing needs in quality control.


High-speed measurement

Improved algorithms of processing items significantly increases processing speed