Omron's MobilePlanner Tablet Edition is an easy to use, portable, monitoring and control user interface tool for Omron mobile robots. Omron also offers the MobilePlanner PC edition which provides full configuration and control capabilities for Omron mobile robots, Enterprise Manager with map editing and job administrations.


MobilePlanner Tablet Edition

The MobilePlanner Tablet Edition is a lite user interface designed for viewing and controlling the individual robot or the entire fleet from a mobile device or tablet. View location and status of robots, alerts, job queue, position, battery level, and travel speed in an easy-to-read color-coded map.

The IOS version can be downloaded here.

The Android version can be downloaded here.

MobilePlanner PC Edition

MobilePlanner software is a PC-based software tool to plan mobile robot applications through building maps and instant floor plans. Laser-guided mobile robots can scan up to 1,000 sq.ft. per min to create maps capturing all its natural features, and send it to a PC wirelessly. The resulting map can be customized with virtual routes and forbidden lines for safe operations. Assign tasks, goals, schedule routes, stitch maps, and program sensors, cameras & tools using the built-in route builder. The software also deploys maps wirelessly through the entire fleet of mobile robots. MobilePlanner PC edition provides full configuration and control capabilities for Omron mobile robots and Enterprise Manager.

Click here to download the Mobile Planner Software.