Omron Microscan is pleased to announce the release of AutoVISION 5.2.1. This version is specifically targeted to support the new line of Omron Sentech M Series GigE and USB 3.0 cameras with both the AutoVISION and Visionscape FrontRunner software.


AV 5.2.1 has two deployable user interfaces, AutoVISION and Visionscape FrontRunner.

  • AutoVISION will support a single Omron Sentech GigE or USB camera per system.
  • Visionscape FrontRunner supports up to eight Omron Sentech GigE or USB cameras in a single system.

Currently all Omron Machine Vision GigE Vision & USB3 Vision M Series cameras will function and work with AV 5.2.1. Please note that older S Series GigE Vision cameras will not function with AV 5.2.1

In order to operate the AutoVISION software please make sure you have purchased a USB License Key (GMV-VGL0-1DD1).