An extremely versatile automated inspection machine.  Utilizing Omron’s MDMC illumination and FH vision technology, the VT-M121 is capable of capturing a variety of measurements on traditional or non-traditional samples.  The advanced imaging technology optimizes every inspection to provide the best level of contrast and can also be used for qualitative analysis.  Additionally, the adjustable Z-axis ensures proper focus throughout each application.

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  • High-Speed Dimensional & Visual Inspection
  • Flexible Inspection for a Wide Variety of Applications
  • Omron MDMC Illumination & Omron FH Vision System
  • Omron NJ Motion Control with Automatic Damping and Linear Scale Encoding
  • Adjustable Z-Axis with 60mm Range
  • Repeatability of ±8µm
  • Minimum Detection Capability of 20µm
  • Multiple Resolution Options at 6µm or 10µm
  • PCB Handling Ranging up-to 460mm x 510mm
  • User-Friendly Software and Integrated, Touch-Screen Interface
  • Offline Programming and Review Software
  • Omron’s World Class Service and Support