For new system design or retrofit projects, meeting machine safety requirements is an exhausting task for machine builders and maintenance teams.  The NXSL5 reduces the time required for machine safety programming, verification, and troubleshooting with automatic programming, simple automatic test, and data logging. It supports flexible manufacturing, scalable safety solutions and CIP Safety over Ethernet/IP, FSoE, or both simultaneously. The NXSL5 provides an interactive environment to maintain a solution without requiring advanced training, offers direct access to safety signature check and generates function verification reports your documentation of a compliant, functional  system.


Add-on or stand-alone CIP Safety

The NX-CSG320 is a communications controller that allows the NX-SL5_ series safety controllers to work independent of the machine control system for add-on safety or stand-alone safety network applications.


Integrated control and safety with Safety over EtherCAT and CIP Safety on Ethernet/IP simultaneously

When used with the NX102 Machine Automation Controller the NX-SL5_ series Safety Controller can simultaneously communicate FSoE over EtherCAT and CIP Safety on Ethernet/IP at the same time allowing for unique application involving high-speed synchronous motion, machine to machine control or communication with remote devices utilizing the CIP Safety protocol over Ethernet/IP.


Software enhancements to quicken design and verification of safety

Quicken design with Automatic Programming to get machines up and running fast by creating the bulk of basic programming. Make sure that logic works the first time with Simple Automatic Test, automatically test logic based on expected outcomes without the need of manual simulation. To complete the commissioning process the Online Functional Test, guarantees the operation and functionality of physically connected devices with this test function that runs within the programming software.


Simplify troubleshooting and maintenance with data-logging

If a machine stops due to an intermittent false troubleshooting can be cumbersome, with data-logging log up to 100 inputs and quicken determine the stop cause and remedy the problem fast.


Connect to 3rd Party CIP safety devices

Safety systems for industrial robots are becoming increasingly popular; networks can be easily built with the NX-CSG320 communications controller and NX-SL5 series Safety CPU Units which support CIP Safety.


Safety I/O Terminals for CIP Safety

The GI-S series Safety I/O Terminals have a built-in 2-port Ethernet switch for easy daisy chain connection of remote terminals without using an external Ethernet switch; this can provide both hardware and wiring cost savings. These blocks are configured within Sysmac Studio and the configuration is stored on the supplied removable memory cassette allowing for quick replacement of damaged units without the need for a software connection.