Reliable detection for iron and aluminum

Non-ferrous metals like aluminum are useful when weight lightening is needed, but they can make part detection more difficult relative to iron. Proximity sensors may be limited in their ability to detect non-ferrous metals and can be damaged as a result.

Omron’s E2EW Series metal face proximity sensors improve part detection and promote uptime by providing enhanced sensing distances and incorporating Factor 1 sensing.

E2EW Series features and benefits

The ultra-long sensing distance offered by the E2EW Series makes these sensors the ideal technology for stable and accurate detection.

Improved functionality

The E2EW family of metal face proximity sensors feature 1x, 3x, and 4x sensing ranges for M18 and M30 barrel sizes, preventing impact-related downtime.

Enhanced flexibility

E2EW 3x and 4x sensors can detect non-ferrous metals at the same distance as iron, reducing errors when metals like aluminum are used in place of iron.

Enhanced stability

Our 3x and 4x sensors are weld-field immune and are able to maintain stable functionality even in the presence of magnetic fields generated by weld processes.

Increased uptime

Omron’s proprietary coating reduces slag buildup and lasts 60x longer than previous spatter-coated models.

Intelligence at the sensor

IO-Link facilitates easy configurability and enables preventive maintenance by monitoring sensor output over time.

A better solution for your flexible factory

The E2EW Series proximity sensors are equipped with Omron's unique technology for suppressing noise influence as well as the Pulse Response Detection (PRD) technology that detects current changes in sensing objects when pulsed currents are applied to coils. These technologies enable equal long-distance detection for iron and aluminum, thereby allowing manufacturers to use the same sensor for both materials.

The E2EW Series lasts 60 times longer than previous Omron models

Thanks to long-lasting spatter resistance, the new proximity sensors hold up exceptionally well in weld environments and other harsh situations. Omron’s proprietary coating adheres more strongly to sensor surfaces and reduces slag buildup, thereby reducing required maintenance and upkeep.

Tell me about the Omron E2EW proximity sensors

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