Safely monitor equipment around the clock

Continuous thermal monitoring is the key for optimizing predictive maintenance and eliminating unnecessary downtime. Using our K6PM thermal condition monitoring device, you can keep tabs on your equipment 24/7 and get immediate feedback on maintenance needs.

With a digital display for live temperature readings and an alarm bar to signal abnormalities, the K6PM makes it easy for inexperienced personnel to recognize issues and take action.

Key Benefits of the K6PM

There’s no need to wait for a third party to examine your equipment when you can take advantage of this powerful yet simple solution.

Reliable predictive maintenance

By analyzing temperature deviation over time, the K6PM detects abnormal tendencies well in advance of serious problems and reduces the need for costly repairs.

User-friendly design

We developed our K6PM algorithms with the goal of making it easy for operators with minimal experience to visualize equipment status and respond quickly to issues.

Continuous monitoring

The K6PM provides constant monitoring of equipment temperature status on a remote basis, meaning that on-site maintenance is only required when abnormalities occur.

Key features of K6PM

  • Thermal imaging camera that detects temperatures 32-392°F (0-200°C)
  • Controller with built-in temperature display
  • Three-level temperature alarms that triggers alarm bar and 24VDC outputs
  • Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP communication
  • Free PC monitoring software
  • Abnormal detection algorithms
  • Push-in Plus terminals

Target applications

• High-voltage panels

• Transformers

• Power generation

• High-horsepower electric motors

• Hydraulic valves and pumps

• Conveyors

• R&D test cells

• Data centers

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