When replacing any light curtains, there are many concerns end users need to review to ensure the same form, fit, and function. Mounting holes and wiring are just a few of the considerations when performing a light curtain retrofit. With the F3SG-SR Safety Light Curtain, Omron has made conversion from the MS4800 Safety Light Curtain simple. Off the shelf conversion cables and conversion brackets help make the retrofit simple and expedient. The manufacturer also liked several features of Omron’s newer light curtains, such as the three-color area beam indicators (ABIs) that simplify alignment and the IP67G oil resistant rating.

Business need

An automotive manufacturer needed to replace a legacy Omron MS4800 light curtain for its engine casting production line while incurring the minimum possible amount of machine downtime.

Unique solution

Omron provided the manufacturer with a new F3SG-SR Series safety light curtain, F39-LSGTB-MS conversion brackets, and the F39- JGR3K-MS-L/D conversion cables to make the replacement quick and easy by not requiring a complete rewiring of the existing system.

Customer benefits

The F3SG-SR’s area beam indicators sped up installation and alignment, while the light curtain’s IP67G rating made it ideal for long-term use in the somewhat oily engine casting application.