Filleting herring involves several steps, such as skinning the fish, that generally need to be performed manually by skilled and experienced workers. In Northern Europe, where Seafood Parlevliet is located, the seafood market is very competitive, and it is especially difficult to find the right people for the job.

Innovotech BV started developing a new prototype to automate the manual steps in the process and ensure efficient herring production for Seafood Parlevliet. The resulting automated solution incorporates various Omron components, such as frequency regulators, servo drives, feeding solutions, and safety blocks, as well as the Omron FH vision system and cameras.

Since the introduction of the first prototype, the speed of fillets handled by one worker has gone up from approximately 200 per hour to up to 1000 per hour with the latest version of the automated solution.

Business Need

Fish manufacturer Seafood Parlevliet needed to relieve the pressures of a skilled labor shortage by automating its fish filleting processes.

Unique Solution

The manufacturer worked with Innovotech BV to build a solution using control and vision technologies from Omron.

Customer Benefits

Seafood Parlevliet has achieved a 75% reduction in manual labor requirements while speeding up its production by a factor of five.