Maximize quality in an industry that depends on product integrity

In the food and beverage packaging industry, both public health and consumer satisfaction depend on product authenticity and consistent quality. Traceability efforts within this industry focus heavily on making sure that food and beverage labels accurately reflect what’s inside the container.

In order to protect consumers and comply with legal requirements such as the FDA’s FSMA, manufacturers must invest in comprehensive traceability systems.

Trace products across the supply chain

Keeping tabs on the whereabouts of products throughout distribution can be onerous. This white paper delves into several of the most pressing challenges manufacturers face and best practices for overcoming them.

Topics include:

  • Complying with industry regulations like FSMA
  • Combatting counterfeiting and promoting ethical sourcing
  • Minimizing the impact of recalls
  • Analyzing and optimizing productivity

Mastering traceability through MVRC (Mark, Verify, Read and Communicate)

Our most recent white paper series offers insights into the driving forces behind the latest developments and strategies for getting the most out of real-time traceability, whether for the purpose of brand protection, regulatory compliance, quality control, process improvements or another goal.