Three trends, three challenges and numerous technological solutions

The semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry faces several major challenges, including capital-intensive processes, lengthy and rigorous testing, low yields and slim profit margins.

Utilize data and streamline your process to survive

In order to survive in today’s intense competition, companies must utilize data and automation to streamline their processes and ensure a consistently high level of quality. Data-driven traceability systems composed of barcode readers, vision technology, marking equipment and verification solutions can help companies squeeze much-needed profits from a highly competitive industry.

Mastering traceability through MVRC (Mark, Verify, Read and Communicate)

Our most recent white paper series offers insights into the driving forces behind the latest developments and strategies for getting the most out of real-time traceability, whether for the purpose of brand protection, regulatory compliance, quality control, process improvements or another goal.

Overcome traceability challenges with Omron technologies

The electronics manufacturing and semiconductor traceability white paper presents several Omron products that can help manufacturers derive the most benefit from their equipment and facilities. Following are a few of the technologies featured.

The MicroHAWK ID industrial barcode readers put powerful code reading capabilities into a compact design that can be easily embedded in tight spaces. The latest addition to the family, the MicroHAWK ID-45, is equipped with 24 LEDs to enable highly accurate coding under any lighting conditions and facilitate lights-out manufacturing. The advanced illumination combined with state-of-the-art decoding algorithms allow the MicroHAWKs to read any code on any surface.

The PanelScan PCB Traceability System is an innovative and easy-to-integrate solution for capturing barcode data from multi-array PCBs in one pass. It replaces error-prone manual reading with seamless, in-motion reading that keeps production lines moving at top speed. PanelScan offers inline decoding and verification of 1D/2D codes and is scalable to Visionscape for additional inspection tasks.