Our Promise is to be a company that...

  • Fully understands the kinds of problems that can occur on a production line
  • Works together with our customers to overcome key challenges
  • Uses proven methods and steps to resolve each customer's pain points
  • Remains completely engaged with our customers

No matter what challenges the future brings, we at Omron will continually develop new solutions to help build a safe and sustainable society where people enjoy peace of mind. Working for the benefit of society, we take pride in applying our unique competencies in sensing and control technology to the realms of safety, security, environmental protection and healthcare in pursuit of a brighter future for all.

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Our SINIC theory guides us in developing innovative solutions that support the need of society and improve lives throughout the world.

Omron’s core philosophies give our extensive solution portfolio a grounding focus, just as our core competencies in sensing and control serve as the reference point for innovations in dozens of industries.

The SINIC Theory – short for “Seed-Innovation to Need-Impetus Cyclic Evolution” – was developed by Dr. Tateishi to align Omron’s corporate strategy with society's future needs. It describes how science, technology and society share a cyclical relationship, mutually impacting and influencing each other in two distinct ways.

The first of these – as envisioned by SINIC – is the means by which scientific breakthroughs yield new technologies that help society advance. This in turn creates new social needs that spur further technological development and expectations for new scientific advancement. Thus, both of these factors affect each other in a cyclical manner, propelling further social evolution.

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