Advanced tools to humanize machine data into actionable information

Thanks to the wide-ranging technological advancements collectively dubbed "Industry 4.0," today's machines provide an abundance of data. Simply collecting data is easy, so the greatest challenge now lies in doing something useful with it.

Check out the latest visualization tools from Omron that maximize data-based insights via intuitive imagery. These tools humanize data for the purpose of prompting informed action.

Clear visual communication of machine information

Intuitive visual support for operator decision-making

An easy way to maximize the value of your IIoT solution

A full range of human machine interface solutions

From compact simple HMI screens to full-featured, high-resolution 19-inch displays with advanced visualization tools, HMI runtime software and SCADA visualization design options to bring your data to life as information. Communicate your control commands to Omron controllers and then to the human operator to visually prompt action.

Successful solutions including Omron's NA HMIs

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Soda pop bottles on a manufacturing line at a bottling plant where flexible manufacturing can improve efficiency.

Visualization is key in planning for flexible manufacturing applications

Omron has several options for visualizing and emulating packaging applications. Learn more about the emulators and simulators that save time and effort by optimizing the actual application once it’s fully up and running.