All the technologies you need for complete logistics and warehouse automation

The logistics industry involves consumer-related and operational challenges. Consumers want fast, low-cost delivery and the full availability of options, while warehouses experience labor scarcity, limited space, and the need to ensure accuracy.

These challenges can be solved with Omron’s wide-ranging automation technologies utilized in material handling systems, order-picking, AS/RS, traceability solutions and much more.

80+ years in automation

Founded in 1933, Omron is a global leader in the field of automation with 37.000+ employees.

Global support and expertise

We build automation systems in nearly every country and all regions of the world.

Easy integration & programming

We develop intuitive technologies that save time when you scale up or add new functionality.

End-to-end engineering support

We provide full support throughout the complete lifecycle of your project, from design to post-sale.

Top Trends in Logistics

How Omron can help with the biggest issues in warehouse and logistics.

Flexible, space-saving layouts

Space is paramount in logistics, especially for companies located in urban areas. Allocating space for new equipment is expensive, and SKU shuffling due to seasonal demand requires time-consuming warehouse restructuring on a regular basis.

Omron can help you automate without adding floor space and make your operations more flexible overall with mobile robots, collaborative robots and more.

How Omron can help:

  • Mobile robots that navigate easily in dynamic environments
  • Coordinated mobile fleets with a variety of payloads
  • Collaborative robotics for safe and flexible palletizing

Data collection and analytics

Warehousing equipment can be expensive to maintain, and downtime can drive up costs even further. Fortunately, new technologies offering 24/7 condition monitoring in real-time lower overall costs while improving quality.

Omron’s control and IIoT solutions keep operators aware of machine status and performance, while decision-making at the machine level instead of in the cloud eliminates security concerns.

How Omron can help:

  • 24/7 monitoring of critical equipment status
  • Effective alarming system when issues arise
  • Ability to keep machine data out of the cloud

Maximizing speed and transparency

Customers expect things faster, and they don’t have the patience for warehouse errors that give them the wrong product. Real-time traceability and automated inspection solutions provide a highly effective way to speed up delivery and ensure accuracy.

Omron offers barcode reading, RFID, robust sensing and advanced vision technologies to help you meet the ever-increasing expectations of your customers without wasting space.

How Omron can help:

  • Compact and flexible barcoding and RFID technologies
  • Advanced decoding algorithms to minimize no-reads
  • All-in-one traceability and vision inspection solutions

Ensuring safety in the warehouse

Even though products aren’t actually being made in a logistics facility, that doesn’t mean there are no hazards. Warehouse workers can suffer serious injuries from collisions and repetitive tasks if not properly protected.

As your trusted partner in safety, Omron is committed to building safety into every product and solution. We also provide comprehensive risk assessments courtesy of our safety experts.

How Omron can help:

Discover what goes into logistics automation

Do you know what technologies you need to build a complete logistics solution? From automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) to order picking and pack out, Omron's interactive, industry-focused brochure puts all the pieces together for you in clear and concise infographics.

Safety control solutions for logistics

Discover logistics-focused safety control solutions that are scalable, simple to troubleshoot, and quick to integrate in this brochure featuring everything from the compact G9SP to the powerful NX-SL5 with both CIP Safety and Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE). The brochure includes a product selection table to help guide your choice!

Choosing the right autonomous mobile robot for your warehouse

Materials transport can be extremely complex and laborious. Tasking human workers with these activities is cumbersome and inefficient, but there have historically been many barriers to automating materials transport needs.

The Omron autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which include the LD and HD families, overcome these obstacles through innovative software that lets them self-navigate throughout dynamic environments along the shortest viable pathway to their destination.

See how predictive maintenance can keep your conveyors running

Traditional maintenance takes place at scheduled intervals and requires skilled workers to complete time-consuming manual processes. Problems arising between inspection dates may go unnoticed, and companies may replace equipment prematurely.

To ensure that your conveyors run smoothly, take advantage of Omron’s predictive maintenance technologies that evaluate equipment condition through continuous monitoring.