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We use our 80+ years of experience in manufacturing industrial control panel products to provide you with a wide range of high-quality options. Our power supplies are reliable throughout the most extreme factory conditions, and our entire portfolio is geared towards helping panel builders, machine builders and end-users reduce their total cost of ownership. We have over 60 years of experience in manufacturing limit switches for various applications like elevators, machine tool, and palletizing equipment, as well as 50 years as a global leader in mechanical relays and 40 years as a supplier of high-performance temperature controllers that ensure a quick and accurate response for fast sealing applications.

60 Years in Limit Switches

Decades of experience manufacturing reliable and durable limit switches for the most extreme operating conditions

50 Years in Industrial Relays

Omron is a global leader industrial relays and has manufactured over 1B relays for various industries

40 Years in Temperature Control

Omron builds high-performance temperature controllers to deliver fast and precise temperature control so our customers can produce higher quality products

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K6CM motor monitoring protects research at medical facility

One of Canada’s most research-intensive medical facilities was having problems with air handling units failing unexpectedly and causing issues in their research tower. Downtime at a medical research facility can have more than just financial implications since airflow is critical to ensure the integrity of biomedical research material.

In this specific situation, the three most critical AHUs are responsible for protecting years’ worth of temperature-sensitive biomedical research materials. The K6CM was installed on each AHU motor for 24/7 monitoring and to help reduce unplanned downtime.

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PID control is a combination of proportional, integral, and derivative control actions. The temperature is controlled smoothly here by proportional control action without hunting, automatic offset adjustment is made by integral control action, and quick response to an external disturbance is made possible by derivative control action.

The internal electrolytic capacitor deteriorates over time and, eventually, the output voltage drops to the point where the power supplies cannot output power.

Up to 10 motors in the software. However, more motors can be monitored if the K6CM is linked to a PLC.

Up to 31 thermal imaging IR sensors can be used with one K6PM controller. The PC software tool allows up to 155 thermal imaging sensors to be monitored.

Up to 18 S8VK-X power supplies can be monitored using the software tool. However, more S8VK-X power supplies can be monitored if they are linked with a PLC.

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