Omron’s new F440, which is the latest offering in our smart camera product line, combines top-of-the-line mechanical design with the AutoVISION software platform’s power and ease of use. The F440 features a state-of-the-art, high resolution Sony Pregius 5 MP global shutter vision sensor with 35 frames per second.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why the F440 is ideal for embedded applications like cap inspection, fill level inspection, box count, label and barcode reading, optical character recognition (OCR) and verification (OCV), measurement, count, location, decoding, presence/absence, and more.

1.  An extraordinarily small form factor allows the F440 to fit into even the most space-constrained machinery.

OEMs looking to integrate smart cameras into their machines often have issues due to design limitations, including built-in lensing and lighting. Sometimes, these challenges add up to the point where an OEM might even decide against using a smart camera altogether.

Since the design of the F440 is focused on allowing the camera to be embedded into machines, these concerns are nonexistent. Its extremely small form factor of 40mm x 61mm carries all the benefits of a self-contained smart camera vision system, including a high-resolution 5 MP sensor.

Learn how the F440 can solve a variety of life sciences applications by watching this webinar >

2.  High-quality CMOS sensors make it possible to tackle even the most resolution-dependent applications.

Life science and food and commodity companies who are using machine vision are always seeking to push the bounds of what their systems can do. Often, this means inspecting multiple products simultaneously — a task that requires more pixels.

The high-resolution 5 MP Global Shutter Sony Pregius CMOS Sensor that comes with the F440 makes these resolution-dependent applications easier than ever. Frame rates go up to 35 FPS, an impressive rate for such a compact smart camera.

3. User-friendly vision software platform combines wide-ranging capability with exceptional ease of use.

One of the biggest issues plaguing companies today is the ability to retain and replenish skilled labor resources such as lab technicians and qualified engineers. Because of the lack of qualified personnel, machine vision can be a very daunting task.

The F440 helps simplify machine vision, even for entry-level employees, by incorporating the AutoVISION software platform that includes twelve easy-to-use, built-in inspection tools. Furthermore, users can set up the software in just three easy steps.

Learn more about AutoVISION here >

4.  The F440’s self-contained system makes problem-solving easy.

The F440 isn’t just a very small smart camera — it’s a full-scale smart camera in a tiny package. This fully self-contained vision system gives users the flexibility to choose their own optics and lighting for specific applications.

Machine vision applications require intricate and precise lensing and lighting in order to accomplish the most complex of applications. When selecting cameras for their applications, vision engineers need to have the maximum flexibility possible.

The specialty lenses of the F440 help companies solve their machine vision problems more readily. The F440 comes standard with a C-Mount, which allows for full compatibility with all C-Mount lenses as well as a large variety of ring lights.