The factory of the future has arrived and Omron is thrilled to bring a small-scale but working warehouse and production facility to PACK EXPO this year. Integrators, machine builders and packaging and processing companies will experience how to combine automation and robotics with AI and real-time data. There’s no better place to learn about these innovations than the annual PACK EXPO trade show in Las Vegas.

Connected smart solutions for going live quickly

In today’s world of intense competition and increasing SKU proliferation, packagers are under the gun to provide a wider variety of products at an even quicker pace. Connected sensors, machines, and processes enable plant operators to identify and solve the challenges that frequently arise in this situation.

Connected smart solutions let operators collect and visualize data at the machine, line, and plant levels and then make decisions on-the-fly, and harnessing this flexibility is vital to system integrators, machine builders, and packaging and processing companies. Everything must be designed to connect well for packagers seeking to go live as quickly as possible.

A complete strategy for delivering real-time operational insight

In the mini-factory display, we’ll demonstrate the value of our smart solutions by replicating primary and secondary packaging as well as end-of-line processes. Omron technologies in the mini-factory will include a next-generation mobile manipulator (a collaborative robot mounted to a mobile base, pick and place robotics, a palletizer, and AI-powered vision inspection.

The workflow is designed to be simple and show Omron’s complete strategy for delivering real-time operational insight, dynamic process control, and seamless data exchange. All components will be synchronized and controlled by the Omron Sysmac automation platform, which is ideal for building IIoT applications and supporting interoperability with multiple manufacturers.

To get acquainted with next-generation technologies and services that are fit for the future but ready today, don’t miss this exciting trade show event. Mark your calendars for September 27-29, 2021!