With washdown regimens, you can avoid most contamination. However, a harsh washdown environment can damage equipment that isn’t built to withstand heavy temperatures and pressures. With this in mind, Omron has devoted engineering efforts to ensure product longevity amid washdowns.

High IP ratings protect against dust, water and oil ingress

To protect the technologies that get the job done, we’ve provided our sensors, monitors, cameras, safety light curtains and other products with robust housing that keeps the elements out. Water ingress is a particular concern for food and beverage processing, as it could lead to contaminants in tough-to-sanitize places.

Ratings like IP69K (washdown-resistant) and IP67G (oil-resistant) are the sort of thing you should look for when considering any device for your food and beverage application. Our E2E NEXT proximity sensors, for example, reduce unplanned downtime thanks to high IP ratings as well as their extended sensing ranges.

Corrosion resistance ensures technologies stay operational

Detergent contains corrosive chemicals that can damage technologies that aren’t properly engineered to hold up under such circumstances. Detergent is a mainstay of a production line, so it’s important to consider investing in chemical-resistant sensors and other devices.

Omron’s E2EH Series inductive sensors are contained in a cylindrical stainless steel housing that’s highly resistant to the effects of detergent. In addition, the Y92E Series connector cordsets, which are compatible with the E2EH and other sensor lines, are also resistant to enable a complete washdown sensing solution.

Robust housing ensures broad operating temperature ranges

Many food and beverage applications involve high temperatures at some point, so incorporating technologies with a wide operating temperature range can save MRO in the long run. The E2EH-series inductive sensors are one of Omron’s several sensor lines that can withstand extreme heat (in the case of the E2EH, up to 120°C).

Sensors aren’t the only technology we’ve engineered to be resistant to high and low temperatures. We’ve expanded the operating temperature range of our safety devices as well. Our ER6022-SS rope pull emergency stop switch features stainless steel die-cast housing and IP67-rated hardware with NEMA 6 enclosure to withstand harsh washdowns and cold applications down to -40°C.

Interested in viewing our full portfolio of washdown-resistant automation technologies? Check out our brochure here.