These cameras are highly scalable from the smallest of applications to large, multi-camera vision systems. Let’s take a look at three ways that they help maximize performance and keep costs low in smaller applications.

1. Complete integration with Omron technologies.

New compatibility gives traditional Omron customers a familiar and simple way to integrate Omron machine vision cameras into their solutions. Customers can now enjoy the option of working with Visionscape and AutoVISION when employing Omron Sentech M Series cameras.

2. Exceptional ease of use. 

Our goal is to make automation technologies as intuitive as possible. With the popular AutoVISION software, a single machine vision camera can easily be set up to satisfy simple vision applications at a low entry cost. Many manufacturers are already familiar with this highly intuitive vision software.

3. High performance at a low cost.

Using the Visionscape software, Omron Sentech cameras offer customers a cost-effective way to implement a multi-camera system. These cameras can handle even the toughest of vision applications, making them an excellent option for multi-camera systems and high-speed inspection.