The automotive industry falls into this category, but companies, universities, and outreach organizations are working to change that. With STEM education programs that connect students to today’s major automotive manufacturers and suppliers along with generous donations from companies like Omron that put cutting-edge equipment directly into classrooms, today’s young people are more prepared.

Hartland High School students visit Omron’s Detroit Proof of Concept Center 

As part of its talent attraction efforts, MICHauto (Michigan’s only automotive, mobility, and technology cluster association) has partnered with Square One Education Network to identify and engage high school students within the Detroit Region and the state. Through in-person and virtual career exploration of automotive and mobility companies and presentations by industry experts, Discover Auto tours educate students on the industry, its technology, and promote diverse career options. Hartland High School attended the first in-person tour since 2020, which took place at Omron's Detroit Proof of Concept Center (PoCC) in Novi, Michigan.

Our PoCC engineers gave the students a demonstration of the latest automotive-focused automation technologies, including autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Omron sales and marketing colleagues also discussed what it’s like to work in the industry and shared tips on navigating the educational pathways to STEM careers in engineering and manufacturing.

What automotive companies are looking for in the workforce

Trends like rapid technological development, concerns about sustainability, and the advent of electric vehicles are influencing how automotive companies hire their next generation of workers. As the vehicles themselves become increasingly complex, companies are looking for highly flexible employees who can easily adapt to new automotive manufacturing solutions.

Automation promises to continue revolutionizing the automotive factory floor, and employees will be required to learn how to work alongside — and in some cases, directly with — technologies such as collaborative robots, mobile robots, and the like. When young people gain familiarity with these technologies before their first day on the job, this becomes much easier.

Are you a recent college graduate interested in gaining a foothold in an automation career, including within the automotive industry?