Omron is developing a new concept dubbed “interactive safety” in which solutions are designed to help the average operator take the necessary steps to troubleshoot and maintain a safety system. This concept centers around the strategy of using a human-machine interface (HMI) to get much-needed data from safety architecture in a simple and timely manner.

Troubleshoot the system right from the HMI

Our powerful NX-SL5 safety controller makes it easy for operators to troubleshoot the system from the HMI, rather than go to Sysmac on their computer or physically open the panels to see what’s going on. It’s a great way for end users and system integrators to add value to their safety solutions.

The NX-SL5 in combination with the NA Series HMI can display the hardware configuration on the rack, the status of safety inputs and outputs, and the necessary data logging tools to verify the safety signature (the unique ID of a particular safety program). It also enables complete restart of the safety system from an SD card – a unique feature only Omron can provide.

A versatile solution that doesn’t require deep expertise

The power of the NX-SL5 is that it lets you support your safety solution and resolve intermittent issues without needing deep expertise in safety. Automatic programming, safety data logging and the Online Functional Test feature are must-have tools in today’s market, and we’ll continue to increase the amount of functionality offered in the future.

Interested in learning more about the NX-SL5? Visit the safety controller’s product page to get the details and see how it can improve your safety troubleshooting.

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