At Omron, we take equipment longevity seriously. Our IPC empowers engineers to explore manufacturing opportunities using big data and IoT initiatives without compromising on the traditional reliability, robustness and long-term availability required to maximize machine uptime for as long as necessary.

Let’s take a look at a few ways we’ve been able to extend IPC longevity relative to other options currently on the market.

Simplified architecture for enhanced reliability

We used the latest insights in design simplification to make sure that our IPC technology would reduce downtime and minimize problems caused by excessive complexity. We eliminated sensitive heat pipe systems and cables inside the box to turn this essential piece of equipment into a fully reliable and cost-effective solution.

Hardware built for longevity

Our IPC uses only industrial Intel CPUs that can guarantee a minimum 10-year availability. All internal components are managed by a controlled bill of materials, meaning that change and availability are managed. We don’t want you to experience any surprises or changes without notice!

A few of our reliability-enhancing design choices include the following:

  • A unique and simplified thermal design to maximize reliability
  • Industrial-rated components and a managed BOM to avoid surprises
  • No dirty airflow into electronics and no need for filter replacement
  • Industrial-rated mechanics with die-cast and extruded aluminum with industrial coating and zero moving parts

Software with a long-term service branch

We made sure that the Windows operating systems (OS) used in the NY IPC will be supported for at least 10 years. With Windows 10 Enterprise Long Term Service Branch/Channel (LTSB, LTSC), users can disable all feature updates to ensure that the OS will remain exactly as it was when the machine was deployed.

In addition, our system API ensures that the health of the IPC can be constantly monitored.

Interested in learning more about our NY IPC? Get the details on this powerful solution here!