In search of a new way to make both their products and their processes more sustainable, Liquibox teamed up with Omron to devise a solution.

Reducing material waste by improving accuracy

Omron’s first task was to enhance the accuracy of the system that pulls film along the length of the company’s bag-making machines, which are flexible enough to handle a range of film types and material sizes as well as fitments. We used our G5 servos to achieve the required specification while keeping tension constant and avoiding over-pull or under-pull.

Controlling the temperature to support sustainability

Liquibox uses a variety of films with new resin technologies that make them stronger and thinner than other options. These films require better temperature control, as each type may have a different gauge and melting point. Omron’s E5C temperature controllers keep the sealing bar temperature stable while accommodating variances from film changeovers.

Overall, the new Omron technologies helped Liquibox produce 100% of its bags within specification and significantly cut down on wasted material. The company’s machines now deliver 133% higher pouch output thanks to the speed of the EtherCAT network and the Omron platform’s fast program scan time.

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'Omron offered us a solution for our needs: for control, for motion and for vision'

Hear what Liquibox Engineering Manager Kyle Brooks had to say about the benefits of using an intergrated Omron solution, complete with training and support.

"They integrated the system with us and offered support afterward, making sure we're happy customers," Brooks said. "My experience with Omron was great and continues to be great."