Quality and equipment longevity are pillars of our trusted relationship with global manufacturing companies in a wide range of industries. Since we support and repair our products as long as possible, our customers can rest assured that their manufacturing systems are stable thanks to the long-term functionality of individual components.

Here are a few ways in which we help ensure the exceptional longevity of our technologies.

1. We design our products for high resistance to industrial environmental pressures.

Many industrial applications involve high heat, powerful water jets, or other characteristics that can easily damage vulnerable technologies. Many of our technologies offer resistance to these challenges thanks to industrial ratings such as IP65 (water-resistant), IP69K (washdown-resistant) or IP67G (cutting oil-resistant) and many others required by our customers.

2. We simplify our designs to enhance their reliability.

Some consider simplicity to be the ultimate sophistication; we think it’s also the best strategy for keeping equipment functional in the long run. Excess complexity makes issues much more difficult and thereby leads to more extensive downtime. We eliminate this complexity to make our technologies more reliable as well as more cost-effective.

3. We make sure our software can be supported for as long as possible.

Industrial machines aren’t like your average PC; they can’t simply be replaced. We’re well aware of the costs that manufacturers incur when any machine on the plant floor goes down. For this reason, we make sure our software won’t go out of date any time soon. The Windows operating system (OS) used in the NY IPC, for instance, is selected to last ten years or longer.

4. We provide our customers with continued technical support.

Throughout the product lifecycle, we’re always ready to help you with any issues that may arise. This even includes managing the transition from equipment that goes end-of-life (EOL) to new and upgraded technologies. We understand the importance of making these transitions simple and smooth.

Interested in learning more about our commitment to quality and long-lasting equipment? Check out our support page to see how we help our customers keep their systems running smoothly.