Let’s take a look at four major benefits of using the V440-F.

1. The V440-F eliminates positioning problems within the workspace thanks to long-distance code reading. 

Adding traceability to assembly equipment can be difficult when there’s limited view of the code. If you position the reader in a spot that interferes with the operator or the robot, this can cause issues with part loading and unloading.

Fortunately, you can move the V440-F to a safe distance that’s out of the way of the operator/robot workspace because it has a 5 MP resolution for accurate decoding along with C-Mount compatibility that lets you use a variety of lenses. Power over Ethernet (PoE) simplifies cabling requirements and makes distance mounting easier.

2. The V440-F speeds up operations by making it easy to read codes on multiple products simultaneously.

For applications requiring codes to be read on multiple products at the same time, the products are typically arranged in a tray, rack, or multi-pack case. It can be difficult to see all codes in a single view and communicate the decoded information in the correct order.

As a single code reader solution with high resolution and wide-angle lensing, the V440-F easily views all necessary codes at once. With customizable software, it simplifies installation and maintenance while reducing equipment costs. “Matrix Mode” makes multi-code reading setup easy, while the WebLink browser-based software customizes data by output order.

3. The V440-F easily reads 100% of package labels moving by at speed. 

Large package, pallet or case tracking/sorting requires reading package labels moving at speed even when the label position can vary. This makes it difficult to read 100% of all packages. Fortunately, the V440-F has this covered with a high-speed system that includes a dual core processor and a 5 MP Global Shutter sensor capturing at 35 FPS.

C-Mount wide-angle lenses cover all potential locations of a package label, while gigabit Ethernet communications with EtherNet/IP and PROFINET relay the decoded data quickly. The V440-F can accurately decode labels regardless of position and relay the data before the next package arrives.

4. The V440-F uses advanced algorithms to read extremely tiny codes.

The consumer electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industries require traceability at the component level using direct part marking. These codes are very small and can be difficult to read without specialized equipment.

The V440-F accurately reads the smallest of markings at high resolution using Macro or Telecentric lens and lighting techniques. High-performance X-Mode algorithms assist with difficult codes or those that are marked on challenging backgrounds.

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