Georgia World Congress Center

Powerful, versatile label inspection

The life sciences industry requires comprehensive label quality monitoring to avoid liability for consumer safety issues and the possibility of costly recalls. Omron’s barcode verification and print quality inspection systems help packagers prevent faulty labels from making it to market. At AACC, Omron will demo its V275 Series printer-integrated label inspection and barcode verification system and the LVS-9585 handheld direct part mark (DPM) barcode verifier. These two technologies serve the common goals of ensuring label integrity, verifying barcode readability, and preventing recalls.

Presentation, Sept 29, 1 p.m.: 'Three exciting advancements that will shape the future of laboratory automation'

Jason Mack, Strategic Account Manager of Life Sciences at Omron Automation, will offer insights into how laboratories can harness the latest automation advancements. He will focus on collaborative robotics, camera-based sensing, and 100% label inspection. The power of cobots is demonstrated through case studies. A cobot with a mobile base becomes a mobile manipulator (MOMA), that can connect legacy equipment, freeing up lab technicians for other tasks. Utilizing advancements in camera-based technology allows for barcode reading and machine vision traceability, equipment calibration, and remote monitoring. Eliminate relabeling and ensure accurate labels every time with inline print inspection.

Your trusted partner in automation

Given the continued prevalence of COVID-19, a demo focused on reading healthcare labels seemed an apt choice. Omron will be reading barcodes on at-home COVID test kits to show how our code reading and smart camera products work seamlessly with our automation control technologies.

Barcode reading and vision technologies featured in booth #3248 are the MicroHAWK V430 barcode readers, MicroHAWK F430 Smart Cameras for Vision Inspection, FHV7 smart camera, QX-870 (1D high-speed barcode reader) and the MC-4000 smart camera. Control technologies will include the NX1P, the 1S servo, the NYB IPC, remote I/O, and the NA HMI