Hyatt Regency Columbus

Join Omron's Technology Development Engineer, Tina Hull on Sept. 29th at the A3 International Robot Safety Conference for robotic use cases and applications, introducing the "Top 10 Ways Working with a Collaborative Robotic Application is like Attending a Dinner Party"

Meet the Speaker

Tina Hull graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Akron.  It was attention to details with her work in Surface Mount Technology quality and manufacturing processes that earned her a Six Sigma Green Belt.  Her experience in automation and safety blended well to lead to her to earning a Functional Safety Expert (TUV Rheinland) certificate.

Tina has multiple technical papers published in the Society of Automotive Engineer’s Journal of Materials and Manufacturing, along with articles in various trade magazines.  She is a member of numerous safety standard committees.  Her hands on automation experience from over 25 years of working with industrial robots, safety controls, and safety standards development gives her the thought process to understand how people work with machinery and the insight to teach them how to do it safely.