Implementing an ECU connector inspection

Introducing an ECU Connector Inspection can be a costly endeavor, which is why it’s important to invest in an innovative design solution that can increase production and offset costs.


As the number of electric vehicle features increase in both EVs and ICE vehicles, the need for electronic control units has escalated. By providing algorithms that integrate an ECU connector inspection into the production process, Omron allows you to build a more efficient and affordable inspection system.


Omron has developed intuitive algorithms that negate the need for individual configurations in the connector pins. Our modern module reduces the configuration effort, ultimately lowering the cost of the inspection while increasing your productivity.

Omron ECU inspection system solutions are intuitive and adaptable

  • Equipped with connector inspection functions, reducing time and effort for system design.
  • Issued with utilities that make the inspection system adaptable to new models.
  • Optimized with a variety of cameras, improving the overall result of the system.

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