The swift evolution of technology within the market combined with severe staff shortages has forced organizations to adapt quickly in order to maximize their efficiency while improving performance. Developing advanced, high-quality products without flaws is critical, but comprehensive inspection can be difficult without the right solution in place.


Omron's advanced PCB inspection solution incorporates the latest technological features, including our Multi-Direction/Multi-Color illumination and Micro Phase Shift moiré technique, in order to achieve robust and reliable inspection results. Our technology relies on high-precision, solder shape reconstruction in order to reduce noise, including shadows, reflections and abnormal shapes, and allows you to achieve zero-defect products.

High-precision solder shape reconstruction helps achieve zero defect products

Equipped with Omron's own MDMC (Multi Direction/Multi Color) illumination and new MPS (Micro Phase Shift) moiré technique, the system achieves highly robust* and reliable inspection performance.

*: Strong against noise that affects the judgment of inspection results such as shadows, secondary reflections, abnormal defect shapes and other uncertain factors.

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