Advancements in the EV battery industry are requiring thinner electrode sheets, which means that precise measurements are needed in order to adhere to demanding quality regulations. While manual inspections were once possible, they are becoming too costly and time-consuming, requiring you to search for an intuitive, precise and automated solution.


At Omron, we have developed technology solutions that eliminate the need for manual EV battery electrode sheet inspections. By providing double-sided thickness measurement, we allow you to measure sheet thickness from both the upper and lower sides. The end result is an incredibly accurate measurement that significantly reduces variation in electrode sheet thickness.

Omron’s inline inspection process measures electrode sheet thickness in real-time

  • Eliminates the need for electrode sampling inspections.
  • Offers real-time electrode thickness measures.
  • Provides instant notification of errors.
  • Creates immediate inspection results feedback that prevents defects from escaping.

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