Capturing each step of the assembly process is necessary to create high-quality, well-functioning parts and vehicles, but traceability applications in departments like paint and final assembly are notorious for being cumbersome and challenging. By investing in solutions that rely on RFID technology to exchange data, you will enjoy a seamless process for parts delivery between tier suppliers and the automotive manufacturer.


The result of years of investment in RFID technology and automation solutions has allowed Omron to offer the most highly-functional, integrated RFID system for traceability during final assembly. Industry-leading features such as "focus” mode and “automatic power tuning” maximize read rates and minimize misreads. In addition, you will discover setup and diagnostic tools that make it easy to implement this technology into your final assembly process.

The long read range of the V780 makes it the ideal traceability solution for final assembly

Features of the V780 include:

  • All-in-one antenna, amplifier and controller design with up to 6m of read and write range per antenna.
  • Ability to network up to seven slave antennas for increased tag reading area.
  • Web browser-based setup offering advanced diagnostics.
  • Meets global standards for UHF.
  • EtherNet/Modbus TCP

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