The average EV manufacturing facility relies on hundreds of control panels to power the equipment, and it’s an overwhelming task to manually inspect that equipment during high-duty cycles. A manual inspection requires a maintenance engineer to manually check all circuits, which is not only time-consuming but also makes it difficult to detect component deterioration.

With an automated power monitoring solution in place, the maintenance engineer would no longer need to perform those lengthy, sometimes ineffective inspections, and premature power supply replacement can be avoided.


With a focus on intuitive automation technologies that rely on real-time data, Omron has developed innovative power supply monitoring solutions that can transform your EV manufacturing facility. The S8VK-X is an advanced DIN rail power supply that provides real-time monitoring of power supply, life, voltage, current and peak current. This power monitoring device is installed in the control panel, giving the maintenance engineer the ability to visualize the health of the power supply along with circuit information downstream of the power supply. With this built-in feature, you can perform predictive maintenance, eliminate unnecessary power supply replacements and reduce your overall maintenance costs.

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