Electrical component production has increased exponentially due to the surging demand for electric vehicles. However, each component features complex sealing paths, some with little-to-no sealing material, which makes it difficult to detect breaks.


As a longtime innovator of traceability technologies, Omron consistently relies on unique image processing and inspection algorithms to drive stable, precise and fast inspections. Our patented algorithm detects sealing profiles, allowing you to seal paths of all shapes. With a proven track record of success, this is considered the leading technology sealing material coating inspections.

Unprecedented technology solution automates glue inspection while building inspection record system

  • Angled gaps are detected by Omron’s original outline scanning technology.
  • Inspection set-up time is dramatically reduced due to automatic Glue Bead inspection.
  • Vision devices enable appropriate system configuration.
  • Traceability solutions automatically link inspection results to image data.

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