High-output motors are preferred industry wide, but they have more welding points and increased quality requirements, which can present challenges during the visual inspection process. It can be difficult to reduce inspection takt time while simultaneously stabilizing inspection quality, but Omron offers unique, non-stop inspection technologies that rely on image sensors to increase the stability and accuracy of your high-speed inspection process.


Our revolutionary, non-stop inspection process will reduce your inspection time to 1/10. By relying on image sensors and a unique control algorithm, our inspection technologies increase the speed and stability of the visual inspection process.

Accurate, precise image sensors capture all aspects of rotating circular workpieces

Eliminate the risks of unstable inspection results by investing in non-stop inspection technologies. Omron’s high-speed image capturing technologies will lead to faster, more precise inspection results.

Our solutions are capable of:

  • Capturing images of rotating workpieces, reducing inspection times per rotation from 37 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Capturing consistent images at the same point of rotation, improving the stability of your inspection results.

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