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Offering innovation in packaging machine manufacturing for food, beverage and beyond

From food and beverage to converting and consumer packaged goods, Omron is your trusted global partner in packaging. Omron understands that packaging companies are challenged with producing a consistently high level of product quality, maximum throughput and plant availability, optimum machine efficiency – all with the flexibility and scalability to meet ever-changing customer demands. Addressing these challenges today and in the future is possible only with fully integrated solutions tailored specifically to the packaging industry.

Packaging segments

Food and Beverage

Omron automation solutions help prevent inconsistent recipes, unexpected overflows and other mistakes that hurt the bottom line

Materials Converting

Omron's automation solutions are explicitly matched for converting applications such as automated slitting, coating, laminating and printing machines

Consumer Packaged Goods

Omron automation solutions address CPG challenges that span from recipes and production to storage and distribution

Industry Trends

Harness the ‘Power of Packaging’

Boost your brand and gain insight into packaging market trends. Our new eBook series titled “The Power of Packaging” is designed to give you the knowledge you need to navigate the latest developments in packaging and use them to your advantage.

This series of information-packed eBooks is written exclusively by industry experts who have years of experience in the field. You will discover the biggest opportunities for growth, and you will also learn how to protect your brand with powerful technologies. Click on each trend below to access Omron’s information-packed eBooks.

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