Hoffman Estates, IL. – Industry automation solutions provider Omron Automation Americas adds advancements to its’ panel solutions with the new MY-GS-R relay. This addition allows users to verify the operational state accurately, while encompassing the other key features such as vibration resistance, reduced wiring times, and unified component dimensions. This relay can be integrated in broad industries with a variety of different applications, including food processing, packaging machinery, palletizing/de-palletizing, assembling, and material handling.

One of the major challenges for manufacturers has been the inability to determine the relay’s operational status and position. The MY-GS-R relay comes with the latest addition of the mechanical operation indicator that displays the visual operation of the relay. This integration allows operators and engineers to confirm relay operation status and position. This allows users to address any issues that may arise and ensure optimal system performance.

Vibration in a typical manufacturing environment can cause screw terminals to loosen over time, leading to potential operational issues and downtime. The MY-GS-R relay is equipped with vibration-resistant Push-In Plus terminals to remove the need to perform periodic maintenance on wire terminals. This can reduce the amount of time required to wire a control panel by up to 60%.

The lack of available space within control panels is a persistent concern for manufacturers seeking to expand their systems' capabilities. The MY-GS-R continues to include Omron’s Panel Solutions features that are designed with a uniform height, width, depth, and component spacing to optimize panel space usage. These unified component dimensions can save up to 50% panel space which allows for customers to fit more devices into the same amount of space.

About Omron Automation

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