To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure to visitors and employees, in addition to precautions for employees, Omron Delta Tau has implemented some precautions related to visitors and building entry:

  • Occupancy is limited and appointments must be made to enter the building.
  • Visitors, defined as any person who is not an Omron Delta Tau employee or otherwise based at the Omron Delta Tau facility for employment purposes, shall complete a simple COVID-19 screening questionnaire prior to entry.
  • Visitors shall participate in a temperature check.

Participation is important to help us take precautionary measures to protect visitors and employees and help prevent the spread of the virus in the community.

Questions consist of the following:


Note: If you plan to be onsite for consecutive days, please immediately advise your host if any of your responses change. The information collected on this form will be used to determine your access rights to Omron facilities.

If the response to any question is “Yes”, access to the facility will be refused.

Also, if a reading of 100.4 Fahrenheit or greater is detected admittance will not be granted.

While in the facility, please wear a face covering at all times and maintain physical distance of at least six feet. Limit riders in the elevator to one person and adhere to all directional signs throughout the building.

Pick ups / Deliveries can be made on the east side of the building at the shipping door between the hours of 7:30am-4:00pm.

Hours of Operation: 5:30am – 4:00pm M-F