Advanced motion safety functions allow to complete a risk reduction strategy, reduction in machine downtime while improving maintenance and changeover efficiency. The automation software, Sysmac Studio enables standard and safety control to be designed and simulated in a sequential manner.


The 1SA servos are designed to help manufacturing industries that are faced with growing demand for productivity improvement while still protecting both people and machines. As processors becomes faster and communications technology becomes more sophisticated, automation with integrated safety has evolved, pursuing higher quality and performance. While productivity during operation has been improved; suspension of production lines are still inevitable. For instance; the purpose of emergency stop or maintenance in order to ensure the safety of operators which is a challenge in further improving productivity. Omron achieves both motion and safety control at the industry’s highest level. We help improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) while keeping people safe and improving productivity by:

  • Manufacturing and maintenance without machine stopping
  • Avoiding interference of machine and product by keeping control when unexpected shut down
  • Zero-loss production thanks to synchronized emergency stop