The CK5M EtherCAT Modular Multi-Axis Controller packs the superior motion control capability with its compact design, multi-vendor connectivity, and flexible development capability.

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  • Local axes for nanoscale precision
  • Ultra high-speed synchronous control (25µs/5 axes)
  • Custom servo regulation algorithms
  • Flexibility on using multi-vendor actuators and encoders
  • Flexibility on programming on G-code, ANSI C or original programming language
  • EtherCAT and ethernet ports for flexible configuration

Modular design and DIN rail mounting

  • The modular design allows you to freely combine the CK5M with up to two axial interface units to enable a variety of applications.

Power PMAC IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

  • Based on Microsoft® Visual Studio®
  • ANSI C or original programming language
  • Easy tuning
  • Simple setting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Debugger

Complex kinematics

Complex mechanics can be controlled thanks to the matrix handling and the space conversion. Special applications like Hexapod telescope mirror positioning, can be easily operated by the kinematics handling functionality.

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