Struggles with light curtain installation, maintenance and troubleshooting result in unplanned downtime, increased costs and frustrated maintenance teams. The F3SG-SR series light curtain simplifies installation and reduces startup costs with quick alignment via 3-color Area Beam Indicators, no troublesome dead zones when cascading and quick programming with the Intelligent Tap.  During production, the F3SG-SR provides your team with the critical information to avoid unplanned machine stoppages with preventive maintenance data available via I/O Link or Bluetooth and immediate status updates from the 3-color Area Beam Indicators. With the addition of advanced muting and blanking functionality and protection ratings from IP67G to IP69K, the F3SG-SR supports your most demanding safety applications while reducing your costs.

  • Area Beam Indicators (ABI) - Tri-color indicators for easy & instant status
  • Harsh Environments – Cold storage, metal working (oil mist), food processing
  • Back-up & restore settings with Intelligent Tap – can reduce maintenance setup time by 90%
  • Perfect fit – Protective heights in 40 mm increments
  • IO-Link – Easy remote monitoring of process & service data
  • Bluetooth option
  • Separate replacement of TX/RX light curtains
  • Separate replacement of cables for light curtains
  • OSSD outputs auto sense output selection based on wiring configuration