Omron's FHV7 is one the most advanced smart cameras in the market. Some of the main challenges selecting a smart camera, is making sure you have something flexible and modular enough to your requirements but it doesn't compromise inspection speed. It provides a broad variety of sensors, optics, and lighting with high processing speeds and in a compact footprint while using the powerful FH inspection software. It innovates by combining our FH vision system robustness to a single camera unit, added with auto-focus and the first multi-color light in the market. Selecting the FHV7 will give you the most advanced capabilities from a smart camera and cover the majority of your inspection needs.


Typical applications include

  • Automotive parts inspection
  • High speed food & beverage or consumer product goods product inspections
  • Electronics PCB and higher level assembly inspection
  • Pharmaceutical products and packaging
  • General manufacturing


  • Broad range of CMOS vision sensors including 0.3 MP, 1.6MP, 3.2MP, 5.0MP, 6.3MP (pending), and 12.0MP (pending)
  • Auto-focus lens available in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 25mm focal lengths
  • C mount version with broad range  of available lens
  • White, Red, IR, and unique Multi-color lighting options
  • High speed dual core processing
  • Broad range of accessories including IP67 protective covers
  • Powerful vision software that builds off of the proven FH series of image processing and inspection features
  • Easy integration into Sysmac Studio
  • Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET connectivity


  • Performs high-resolution inspections without compromising speed capabilities
  • Ability to use FHV7 series in a variety of applications via wide range of sensors, lens, and lighting while using a single inspection software program
  • Provides reliable inspection even when both high speed plus high image resolution is required
  • Multi-color lighting allows for single lighting system to be used in high product mix environments, excelling in flexible manufacturing lines
  • Rugged design intended for harsh factory environments such as high vibration and where exposed to washdown conditions (with IP 67 cover option)
  • High speed image compression and storage allows for 100% image retention, enabling complete traceability